Soul of the Mountain


“If it weren’t for the pipe, I might have thought it a dream. But whenever I hold the pipe, it all comes back to me, and I know that everything we experienced was real and happened the way we remember. We who were inside the mountain,¬†choose not to speak of it aloud, simply because it is too sacred to share, even with loved ones. Who can truly understand until one has traveled to the unseen worlds, so close and yet invisible to those without sight?”

It began as a vision: a young boy on horseback galloping freely across the prairie, long, black hair unbound. Looking directly at me, he winks, a sign that his story will follow. What unfolded is a profound journey, a story shared now with you. Meet Luce, a spunky Manhattan lawyer, her bestie, Suzanne Whitaker, Roy Rogers, the elusive Harley riding Native cowboy, White Owl Hooter, Raven, the Sojan peoples from Middle Earth, an encoded gold nugget, the soul of a sacred mountain in South Dakota, Forest Dwellers, Kris from the Pleiades, Kent and Red, and numerous unusual wisdom keepers.

Embedded within the story is the egregious history of Native Americans after their land was stolen, their way of life nearly destroyed. People whose wisdom is now sought because we must radically shift our relationship to our only home, planet earth.

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